Beware the Valkyries


steenzWhat’s your name? 
Hello there! My name is Anna

Which shop do you work at?
I work at the Comix Shop in Basel, Switzerland

What do you do for your shop?

How long have you worked there?
I started my apprenticeship (to become a bookseller) in another bookshop, which unfortunately had to close. I have been working at the Comix Shop since July 2013. It’s perfect! I will finish school next spring and will stay at the shop for now.

What are some of your favorite comics?
Mouse Guard (Fall and Winter 1152), Batman & Robin – The Boy Wonder, Batwoman (N52), Akira, Lone Wolf and Cub, Onkel Dagobert – Sein Leben, seine Milliarden (Don Rosa), Watchmen and many moore ^^

Who are some of your favorites in the comics biz?
André Franquin, Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Jason, Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim, Thomas Ott, Frederik Peeters

Who are some of your favorite comic book characters?
Ugh, that’s a tough one. There are so many characters I love. My all time favorite is Batman. I also love Kate Kane (Batwoman), Gaston, Ogami Ittō (Lone Wolf and Cub), Kei (Akira), Rorschach, Hilda, Enid Coleslaw,..

What is your most prized comic book or collector’s item?
I have a signed print from Jon Klassen, from his children’s book “I want my hat back”  and I also have a signed copy of Anthony McCarten’s “In the Absence of heroes”  (and he served me wine at a party ^^)

Which comics do you recommend the most often?
Watchmen, Mouse Guard, Batwoman, Saga, Gaston, Yakari, Blacksad, Akira, Bone.

What kind of events does your shop participate in or host?
Free Comic Book Day, Signings, Collaborations with the Cartoon Museum in Basel (for example: manga-weekend)

Favorite webcomics/webcomic creators?
I’m not really into webcomics.. :-/ But I follow a lot of artists on tumblr. Aaand I really like Mike King

If you could only read one graphic novel for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

What other things are you a fan of (TV shows, novels, movies, ect)?
I’m such a bookworm and I read a lot beside comics. I absolutely love the novels  written by Patrick Rotfuss, Trudi Canavan, Amélie Nothomb, Gerard Donovan, Anthony McCarten etc. I love movies of all kind and I watch a lot of TV shows, like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy (yeah I know it’s embarassing ^^)

Do you collect anything?
hmm, books?! Hehe ^^
Beside books: I have to admit I collect tattoos and maybe shoes (my boyfriend would say so)

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? What would you use it for? 
This is such a hard question. I just think about myself for now. I would like to be able to talk to animals.

Do you believe there is other life in the universe, and if so, what do you imagine it looks like? 
Yeeeah I think so. I’m not sure, there has to be. How does it look: Hmm similar to ours I guess or completely different. I hope, if it exists, that it is a better place!

Do you go to any conventions? 
Unfortunately no. I would love to travel to America to visit one (mybe I will have enough money when I stop getting tattooed). I once visited the bookfair in Frankfurt (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland), but that’s not really the same.

Are you a cosplayer? If so, what characters have you cosplayed? 
I’m not. I would love to cosplay, but I do not have friends which are as nerdy as I am and I’m really shy and it’s not really a thing here in Switzerland.

Outside of the day job, what other cool stuff are you working on? 
I paint and draw a lot (but I’m rather insecure about it) and I love to decorate and create things.

Tell us an uplifting story about working in your shop!
A dad came to the shop with his little girl and she was fascinated by my tattoos. He then came to the counter and asked if she can have a look (I heard him say: Let’s ask this very nice lady if you can check out her amazing tattoos) . I let her inspect my arm and she was touching it and was giggling. He then explaind her, that she can have tattoos like me when she’s older. It was so cute. He bought a french comic without text called “petit poilu” for her and when her dad paid I gave her a “petit poilu” fake tattoo as a gift. The next day she came to the shop and showed me her tattoo and was really proud.

What do you love about being a Valkyrie?
Be able to talk to women all over the world who also work in comic shops, to share experiences . And it is just so great to “meet” all this great and lovely women ^^

How can we find you on the vast expanse of the internet?
My tumblr: (not really personal, I use it to collect pictures)
My Instagram: ms_zoo