Beware the Valkyries

Bee Clarke

Bee ClarkeWhich shop do you work at?
The 4th Wall

What do you do for your shop?
I’m counter staff, so, I’m the girl you come to when you have questions or needs.

How long have you worked there?
Three years this month!

What are some of your favorite comics?
Ohhh, this is a hard question…Wonder WomanLove & RocketsJoe the BarbarianSagaBatgirl…and many many more!

Who are some of your favorites in the comics biz?
The Hernandez Brothers, Gail Simone, Neil Gaiman, Cliff Chiang

Who are some of your favorite comic book characters?
Wonder Woman, Penny Century and Batgirl are certainly a few of my favourites!

What is your most prized comic book or collector’s item?
I have a commission that Josh Adams did for me for my 21st birthday, of the 11th Doctor and I in front of the TARDIS, and I love it more than almost anything.

Which comics do you recommend the most often?
I Kill Giants is one that I push on most people. I also push SagaWonder WomanJoe the Barbarian and Civil War on people an awful lot.

 What kind of events does your shop participate in or host?
We haven’t had any recently (we just moved location and we’re still settling in), but we have launch parties for certain books, a monthly ladies night, and other fun stuff, such as Free Comic Book Day.

 Favorite webcomics/webcomic creators?
Josh Adams, Kate Beaton, Ryan Sohmer

If you could only read one graphic novel for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 
Love & Rockets

What other things are you a fan of (TV shows, novels, movies, ect)?
I read anything religiously, so I have hundreds of novels. I’m also big on a lot of TV such as Doctor WhoScrubsSkins and Weeds. As for movies, anything dorky seems to suit me pretty well, but my favourite film is Pulp Fiction.

 Do you collect anything?
Apart from comics and books, I have a large collection of ugly sweaters.

 If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? What would you use it for?
I’d be invisible. I’d probably try my best to use it to make people happy. I’m not sure how I’d do that, but I would.

Do you believe there is other life in the universe, and if so, what do you imagine it looks like?
I without a doubt believe that there is other life in the universe, but I don’t have the faintest idea of what they look like. I like to imagine there are all sorts of different aliens out there.

Do you go to any conventions?
I do, I go to the ones that are local, so Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Fan Expo.

Are you a cosplayer? If so, what characters have you cosplayed?
I’m not, but I wish I was. I admire the time and effort and dedications cosplayers put into it.

Outside of the day job, what other cool stuff are you working on?
I’m a student, I’m planning on going to Concordia to study Psychology. I also spend an awful lot of time drawing, and I’m looking to sell prints online.

Tell us an uplifting story about working in your shop!
About a year and a half ago, I had a mother come in. She explained to me about how her son had been in hospital for a while and he was missing one issue in his run of Batman and she really wanted to find it. We dug through various boxes and stuff, and after a long time we finally found it.

A few weeks later, the mother came in with her son because they had decided that our shop is the only shop for them, just because I put that additional effort in.

Not a huge story, but it put a smile on my face.

What do you love about being a Valkyrie?
I love feeling like a part of something, I love how I’m not the only girl in a comic shop that I know anymore. And I love having other women to discuss geeky things with.

How can we find you on the vast expanse of the internet?