Welcome to Valhalla

What is Valhalla?

Where The Valkyries are comprised exclusively of comic shop employees, Valhalla is open to anyone who works with comics; librarians, curators, bookstore employees, former comic shop workers and more. Valhalla started as a place for former Valkyries to talk, but we’re expanding to include a wider variety of people who work with and are interested in comics.

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Why not just open up The Valkyries?

The Valkyries receive exclusive information and previews from publishers under the agreement that only currently-employed retail workers have access to them. In order to respect and continue this relationship, we have to keep the two separate – but many Valkyries are also members of Valhalla.

Want to join us?

Membership is open to women (of all ages, backgrounds and orientations, including LGBTQ+ folks) who do comics-driven work in libraries, museums or bookstores worldwide, as well as current and former comic shop employees. Join the conversation with hundreds of other members – discuss ladies’ nights and book clubs, collaborate on team-up events between shops and libraries, keep up on current trends and news in geek culture, provide advice and guidance in developing a presence for comics in your organization, and check out our meetups at dozens of conventions annually! Valhalla’s Valkyries are a constantly expanding network, and we’d love to have you.

If you have any questions about eligibility, please email us at

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