Beware the Valkyries

Who are the Valkyries?

We are the women and girls behind the counters of comic shops worldwide. Owners, managers, salespeople, interns, social media gurus, convention volunteers and organizers, cosplayers and more. We pull accounts, place orders, set up displays and tweet our picks of the week. Some of us are new to comics, some are lifelong devotees, but we share one thing in common – we all live for Wednesdays and the lifestyle that comes with them.

That, and we all read Saga.

Want to join us?

There are only two requirements: Be a woman and work in a comic book shop. If yes to both, contact us! Join the ongoing discussion of favourite characters, customer loves and loathes, comic tattoos, pet peeves and best/worst moments in geek culture. Be a part of a constantly expanding network of diverse nerdy ladies worldwide.